ESSB (European Society of Serinus Breeders)

With this initiative that started in 2007, we wanted to bring interested enthusiasts of the Serinus species in Europe, into contact with each other. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2023 we had to decide to remove the members section from the site. However, we still can get in touch with other enthusiasts through a private Facebook group.
This group can be found using the button at the top of this page.

Our second goal at the time was to gather and disseminate knowledge of the birds belonging to the former genus Serinus through this website. And thereby promote the breeding of these birds.

We started the ESSB because we have the conviction that only cooperation between breeders can guarantee the existence of these species in the European aviculture.

Huub Vervest (NL) and John Santegoeds (NL)

With special thanks to:

  • Jose Marques
  • Rui Martins
  • Nilson Rodrigues
  • Joey Smolders
  • Alberto Boucinha
  • Rubén Moutón
  • Miguel Isidoro
  • Mirko Masiero
  • Hans Claßen

Because they were there when needed!


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