Serinus estherae  

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Mountain serin, Malay goldfinch

Chrysocorythus estherae (Serinus estherae)

Geographical distribution and habitat

The Mountain serin was first described in 1902. Compared with most bird descriptions, this is quite late. Only many years later there were observations and descriptions again. This serin - an island bird - is rarely seen in its original habitat. These birds - in subspecies – live in the mountain regions of Java, Sumatra, Philippines and Sulawesi. There are differences of opinion whether this bird belongs to the genus Serinus or not. The birds have a big beak in comparison their small size.

Length: 11 cm (4.3 inch)

Description and subspecies

Sexes differ, because the male has a brown and pronounced lining on the head. Females are more grey on the belly. In addition to the first described form, the subspecies C.e. mindanensa, C.e. chaseni, C.e. vanderbilti en C.e. renatae are described. At one of the subspecies, the male has a light orange forehead.


The Mountain serin has never been introduced in European aviculture as far as we know. There are no publications known about keeping these birds in the aviculture.



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